ProjectFreeTV used to be one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world until a few years ago. It is also one of the oldest sites in the industry of online streaming with more than ten years of experience. We've noticed there are still people who are visiting our website for the first time and they don't know anything about our platform and this is the reason why we've written this article with the most important info about PFTV for those who are willing to find out some things about this site.

How it's possible for Project Free TV to be the oldest and the most popular streaming platform and you never heard anything about it? We don't know, but some visitors suggested us to write this text and we do so. Probably you spent your time on other big sites like 123Movies who are offering low quality video files and you ignored PFTV for some reasons. Now it's time to think again about it because we are happy to introduce you the ultimate version of this streaming website and now we are sure you will fall in love with ProejctFreeTV if you didn't until now.

As we said at the beginning. PFTV has been created more than 10 years ago. At that time, things were a lot more different than they are now. The site in the present doesn't even look like the old one almost a decade ago because everything has changed. Now ProjectFreeTV is a modern website with a very friendly and intuitive design and interface with a beautiful and unique red color that will make you to remember this site and don't confuse it with others. Probably you are familiar with our homepage, very clean with only a search form inside it. This is really helpful for those who already know what to watch so you can easily search for your favorite movies in just a few seconds. If you are not decided yet and you want to browse through our database, just click on the Explore Project Free Tv Site button and this will lead you to the second homepage where you can see a list with the most popular 16 tv series and also the newest 24 episodes. Just click on View More to check out a much bigger quanity of content from that category.

We initially created ProjectFreeTV as a free platform dedicated to tv series. We enjoyed to binge-watch our favorite shows online but at that time there were not so many sources of free entertainment and that's why we've created our own website. We've managed to upload many tv series and now our database includes more than 60.000 episodes extracted from 2000 tv shows, all of them available for free in Full HD quality without sign-up or credit cards. After a few years of only publishing tv series, it was time to extend our activity and we started to work hard on publishing online movies. Our database currently includes about 15.000 movies with English subtitles, all of them can also be watched without registration.

We know there are so many streaming sites and all of them are struggling to earn as much money as possible using any methods but this is not the case of Project Free TV because we are a different platform. We have created this website as a completely free one and that's how it will stay until the end. We consider that our streaming services are the best in the world at this moment but we are not asking you for anything in return and we will never do so but we will continue to upload the latest movies and series for free. As you probably observed, there is no advertising on PFTV because we wanted to make sure that our visitors can enjoy the best experience while watching movies and tv shows online without being bothered by any pops and ads so there is no need to use an adblocker anymore on our platform. We don't have any donations system or anything else and we are never going to ask you for money, ProjectFreeTV will remain forever free. There is only one way to show your support and motivate us to keep updating this online streaming platform: bookmark PFTV, visit it everyday and share it on your social media accounts so more people will find out about it, it's that simple and it's very useful for us.